Friday, April 30, 2010

Spice Up Your Knees

Can herbs and spices be good medicine for your joints? Possibly. One new contender for soothing creaky knees is ginger.

When people with stiff, sore, osteoarthritic knees took a ginger extract for 6 weeks, they felt significantly better than their placebo-dosed pals who got fake ginger.

Anti-Inflammatory Action

Long used in Eastern medicine to treat musculoskeletal problems, ginger contains a complex mix of compounds that researchers suspect helps thwart inflammation in several ways. And in the study, side effects (stomach upset) were mild.

Ginger Goodness

Along with its inflammation-cooling properties, ginger may have anticancer powers, too. And the ginger ale your mom dispensed when your stomach was upset? There is science behind that as well. Ginger is a well-known nausea reliever. Find out about the special anticancer compounds in ginger.

Recipe Corner

You can find fresh ginger root in the produce section of grocery stores. Not sure how to use it? Try one of these quick and fresh recipes from
Find more ways to use ginger as a home remedy.

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  1. Awesome post Julie! Very educational! I really liked the examples on how to use ginger in your meals. I'm going to start using more in my meals. I appreciate so much more since my parents grow it in their yard.

  2. Thanks for the recipes Julie! I have been in need of some that use Ginger. And this was very interesting to read about the many benefits of ginger!