Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4 Daily To-Dos to Stay Young

For years the assumption of the medical community has been that you could live maybe 50 percent longer if you avoid the big killers like cancer and heart disease. As it turns out, this is not what happens. To add serious years to your life -- and life to your years -- you have to lower your risk for all diseases. And the only way to do that is to slow your rate of aging at the cellular level.

By slowing the aging of our cells while simultaneously preventing disease, we can enjoy not only a higher quality of life but a much longer one as well.

It All Adds Up to a Younger YOU

If you have made a decision to stay young... smart choice. Now you need a plan to make it happen. Not some rigid, hard-to-follow manifesto, but simple steps that, when combined, add up to a more vibrant and healthier YOU. But you have to commit to doing these things every day. Yes, that includes weekends. Below is a rundown of four daily to-dos.

30 Minutes
... of walking, every day. Do it by yourself, with a friend, or with your dog, but do not even think about skipping it. From an antiaging perspective, that is as bad as pulling an all-nighter. Why? A daily walk builds both the stamina and the mental discipline you need to stick with the rest of your staying-young plan. Let it slip and you will probably abandon other healthy habits, too.

A Few Cups
... of green tea, every day. Because the leaves are young and have not been oxidized, green tea has up to 40% polyphenols -- natural chemicals with potent antioxidant properties that are greater than even vitamin C. But do not add milk: The casein in milk cancels out the beneficial effects. For a delicious instant tea with the antioxidant and thermogenic benefits of green tea and fast-acting botanicals for energy and weight support, click here.

5 Minutes
... of meditation, every day... AT LEAST. Focused quiet time and nose breathing each day can help you manage chronic stress and its aging effects. How? When air flows through your nostrils, Nitric Oxide -- the feel-good substance that is found in your nasal cavity -- gets fuel-injected into your system. This helps dilate your arteries so that your blood keeps moving as if it is on an empty country road rather than on an L.A. freeway. To help with Nitric Oxide production at night when levels are lowest and support energy, circulatory and vascular health, click here.

A Couple Handfuls
... of walnuts, every day. Have six before lunch and another six before dinner to provide the omega-3 fats you need to strike the best nutritional ratio -- not only to boost your immunity but also to keep inflammation in check. Other ideas: Buy omega-3-enriched eggs; try chia seeds; eat fish such as cod, halibut, trout... or if you do not like those options, try this!

Start making these life-lengthening habits part of your staying-young routine today.

Source :: Herbalife and RealAge.


  1. Great tips Julie! I didn't know about adding milk to tea will cancel out the benefits... thanks for teaching me something! Everyday I drink the delicious tea you linked to... it's AMAZING!!! Good for your health AND good for weight loss! :)

  2. Very powerful and informative post Julie! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible knowledge!
    It is okay if I just take Herbalifeline instead of eating walnuts? I really don't like the taste of about cashews, they taste so good?...LOL


  3. Good call, Kellie! I have updated this post with your wonderful suggestion! :)

  4. easy to read and follow, thank you!